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Danger. Cooperation with China

Chinese traders are constantly inventing illegal (slyly called "gray") ways that expand and simplify their trade with Russia. And a Russian entrepreneur who runs a small or medium-sized business often consciously and willingly follows the lead of his "savvy" Chinese partner.

For example, in our country, the fact that Hong Kong companies are not residents of mainland China is poorly known. Russian businessmen do not think about the meaning of the slogan: "One country - two systems", under which Hong Kong was returned to the PRC in 1997.

Therefore, many of our entrepreneurs do not know that Hong Kong companies in trade relations with the PRC act (and will continue to act for a long time) as foreign ones. Consequently, in foreign trade contracts, they cannot call themselves Chinese exporters.

But Hong Kong export-import firms, like all foreign buyers, can purchase Chinese goods and resell them to Russia or work as intermediaries. Such "ignorance" of Russian importers is a profitable business! Therefore, recently a large number of Russian-Hong Kong contracts have appeared, in which Hong Kong companies illegally act as Chinese exporters.