Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance


Republican Fumigation Group

Federal State Enterprise

Status identification of pests in the zone. International standard for phytosanitary measures

Accounts of pests are the main source of information, used for status identification of pests in the zone. All importing and exporting countries need information about pests status for analyzing phytosanitary risk, installing and respecting import regulations, establishing and maintaining pest-free zones.

A report about a pest is a single observation, presenting information about the presence or the absence of a pest, about the time and place of its observation, if necessary – about the plant(s) and the host(s), about the damage found, and also about the reference documents or other relevant information.

Fairness of the reports about pests is identified by analyzing the information about the persons, who collected and identified the pest, means of technical identification, date and location of observation, and registration of the report publication.