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Guidelines for lists of regulated pests. International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures

Contracting Parties shall, to the best of their ability, draw up and update lists of regulated pests using their scientific names and bring these lists to the attention of the Secretary, the regional plant protection and quarantine organizations of which they are members and, upon request, for other Contracting Parties.
Consequently, ippc Contracting Parties have a clear obligation to prepare and make available, to the best of their ability, lists of regulated pests. This is closely related to the other provisions of article VII relating to the bringing to the attention of phytosanitary requirements, restrictions and prohibitions (VII.2b) and the provision of grounds for phytosanitary requirements (VII.2c).
In addition, the declarative approval in the model of the phytosanitary certificate placed in the Annex to the Convention implies that lists of regulated pests are necessary, referring to:
quarantine pests designated by the importing Contracting Party; phytosanitary requirements of the importing Contracting Party including requirements for regulated non-quaranthin pests.