Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance


Republican Fumigation Group

Federal State Enterprise

Resolution of the Chief sanitary officer of the Russian Federation of March 2, 2010 № 17 "Adoption of Sanitary norms and regulations 1.2.2584-10"

The present sanitary rules set hygienic requirements, aimed at providing maximal safety of pesticides and agrochemicals for a human and its habitat at all stages of handling the listed substances. 1.2.

Sanitary rules set  sanitary-epidemiological requirements, related to tests, storage, handling, selling, usage, deactivation and disposal of pesticides and agrochemicals, they are mandatory for all citizens and legal persons, using pesticides and agrochemicals, and also projecting, constructing and operating industrial buildings, means of transportation and technological equipment, meant for working with pesticides and agrochemicals, aimed at prevention of a negative impact of industrial environment on workers’ health, and also of a negative impact on habitat and living population.